Thursday, October 27, 2005


I enjoy reading about conspiracy theorists and other people with unusual beliefs. I will probably post about these people from time to time. Today's topic: chemtrails.

You may have noticed that when jet airplanes fly on a clear day, you can see trails of water vapor behind them. Those are called "contrails." What you may not have noticed is that some of those supposed "contrails" are really not made of water at all. Instead, they consist of chemicals being sprayed by the government as part of a massive conspiracy: chemtrails.

The government's purpose in spraying is not 100% clear; some think it is to control the weather; others think it is to prevent its citizens from attaining spiritual enlightenment. Fortunately, there is a large community of chemtrail observers meticulously documenting, photographing, and analyzing instances of vapor in the sky in an effort to solve the mystery.

You can get the basics here and recent updates here.

A somewhat more scholarly introduction can be found in the FAQ at Chemtrail Central. That site also has ways for you to get involved. Good luck fighting the New World Order, everyone!

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