Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cat Contest Winner...Matt!

This is Tiffany von Spindeleben, found by our very own Matt. I'd also like to give a shout-out to nell and warmfuzzy for their excellent guesses.

Tiffany's genetics:
C gene is the Siamese version (active only in the warm areas)
O gene is normal and functional.

Extra credit: Can anyone (other than Matt) explain Ms. von Spindeleben's appearance in terms of her genes?


Fishfrog said...

The cat's appearence can be explained by the presence of the UgO gene, widely regarded to be the primary source of ugliness in cat's. That is one ugly cat!

Fishfrog said...

cats. not "cat's."

nell said...

I would like to blame fishfrog for my last wrong answer. I had a discussion with him as I was searching for an appropriate cat. While I was originally looking for a white cat with orange feet, he convinced me that it was in fact the opposite. Hence my wrong answer. This is yet again another example that certain people are conspiring against me.
(did I ever mention that I am a bad loser?)