Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Cat Contest

What would a cat look like if it had the following genetics?

Gene C: the weird, semi-functional siamese version
Gene O: functional

The first person to find a picture of such a cat on the web and post the link in a comment wins.


warm fuzzy said...

orange with white paws, ears, and nose?

scarlet panda said...

Nope. (But thanks for trying!)

nell said...

nell said...

Okay its a little long, if you can't look at it, its an orange cat and the tip of its tail is black. Its better than my first guess although the other is cuter.

scarlet panda said...

Good guesses, but not quite.

Hint: if you're in an area of the body where the C gene can't function, you can't make any black, which means you can't make any orange either (because you never made it past the first arrow).

If you're in an area of the body where the C gene can function, the 0 gene is functioning too.

nell said...

okay okay... how about this one?

Matt said...

or this?

scarlet panda said...

Wow, you guys are getting so close.

nell--you're almost there. The cat you linked to (which is very cute) is colored based on something we haven't talked about yet--it has white paws and a colored body (whereas the siamese was the other way around.)

matt--I think one of the cats on the first page you linked to is right (though it's a bit hard to see the coloring on some of them, at least on my computer)--which one were you referring to?

I'm so happy people are posting!

Matt said...

Tiffany von Spindeleben has blue eyes, the faintest beige coat and orangey eartips, face, paws, and I think tail.

This, btw, is awesome. More kitty biology!