Thursday, December 01, 2005

The secret to getting more blog traffic

Of the last 100 visitors to scarlet panda, ten got here by doing google or msn searches. The searches are listed below.

genetics calico cats
dissecting a fly
body temperature of panda
jewkraine (the author of the "My Heart is Like Glass" blog I posted about last week)
fahrenheit 0 solution
reptile DNA and the Illuminati
secret reptilian members
david icke shape shifting reptilian humanoids
reptilian shape shifters (2 times)

The moral of the story: if you want more blog traffic, liberally add references to shapeshifting reptiles.


Squishy Burrito said...

Pretty much anything squishy gets me a hit.

squishy pumpkin and squishy diapers are my hotbed of activity

Fishfrog said...

The only search I've come up on was, "positive side of habeas corpus." Incidently, I do not believe there is a negative side of habeas corpus.

warm fuzzy said...

I get a lot of people, who like me cannot spell salaries correctly, and are looking for infromation on teacher saleries. I've also gotten a search for "the perfect s'more" but was disheartened to find they spent 0 seconds looking at my Perfect S'more recipie.

Matt said...

A while back on the 'lectric I posted about an incident where I was in a store talking to the shop clerks (old fat white guys) and they suddenly started dropping the n-bomb on me and being generally racist. When I see the searches that get people to my site, I have found some troubling search terms (what start with "n") that got them to that story on my blog.