Thursday, July 13, 2006

Looking for Scarlet

The other day I got an awesome e-mail. Here's the essence of it, some quoted and some paraphrased:

"To some of you I am going to come across as being crazy and to some I may be viewed as being romantic and I'll deal with however I'm judged if it means finding the girl who took my breath away." I'm looking for a woman named Scarlet from University X and this was my only hope of finding her. We met at the airport in City X while waiting to board a flight to city Y, and we also talked when the plane landed. Scarlet had an "electric personality," "amazing eyes," and "long straight brownish blond hair." I should have asked her for her number but I was too afraid. "If you're not her and don't know her, I apologize for wasting your time but I had to make an atempt to find the girl of my dreams."

The "To:" line of the e-mail included dozens of addresses, all of women with the first name "Scarlet." Apparently he went to the University directory, typed in "Scarlet," and e-mailed everyone who popped up.

Creepy? Or has someone just seen too many romantic comedies?


warm fuzzy said...

I say kudos to him. Yeah, he comes across as wacko to a bunch of people, probably to his object of affection too, but there's always a chance she's a crazy as he is.

Squishy Burrito said...

I say romantic comedy starring...Nick Lachey and Mandy Moore. The next step will be that he gets a ton of responses and has to figure out which one is the real Scarlet.

Hey, Can I patent that idea?