Monday, October 23, 2006

Five places that make me happy

1. The front yard of the house where I lived from ages 2-10. There was a giant oak tree that shaded the whole yard. I spent many happy hours playing there. I don't really remember what I spent my time doing, but I think I sometimes made acorn stew.

2. The main quad at Notre Dame (aka "God Quad" because that's where the Basilica is). The golden dome towers over one end of it. The interior of the quad is an arboretum with tons of different trees. It's gorgeous and serene, and it's where I first fell in love with Notre Dame.

3. The kitchen of my grandparents' farm house. The best time was in the morning, with my grandma making eggs and bacon, homemade bread in the toaster, and my aunts and uncles from down the road stopping by for a morning chat.

4. The courtyard at my law school. You can sit in the courtyard's clean, comfortable chairs and tables for hours, enjoying the weather, studying, and chatting with the many passersby. Also, I made most of my law school friends in the courtyard, so it holds many fond memories.

5. Broadway Avenue in Capitol Hill in Seattle.
This is the sort of hip shopping/restaurant district in Seattle. What made it great was that in addition to the abundance of Thai food, feather boas, and used books you typically find in such neighborhoods, it also had two major grocery stores and a small Target-type store, so you could actually live there. For six years, I lived within two blocks of it, and I rarely needed to go anywhere else.

What places make you happy?


Fishfrog said...

The Seminary Park by the laudromat. It is very pleasant to wittle away a Sunday afternoon is the shade of the big trees.

Also, there's this imaginary island. It's pretty small and has a small thatch hut. It also has three palm tree between two of which is strung a hammock. It's sunny with a cool breeze. There is a sailboat too. And on the sailboat are all the pets I've had: Honey (sweet Golden retriever), Freya (playful Lab/samoa mix), Odin (big lab still living with my parents), Lily and Titan, and our cat (whose name is Luna, but she does not respond to that name). The water around the island is about 5 to 6 feet deep and really clear and blue-green. Sand with no rocks. It's a cool place.

Arfanser said...

my bed
my couch
my lay-z-boy
my rocking chair
my floor (when I am laying streched out on it)

warm fuzzy said...

At my maternal grandparent's house, they had a small pond, and jetting out into this pond was a small peninsula. I used to go out and picnic on the penisula. My dad alsow taught me how to use a fly rod and I fished in the pond (catch and release).

In my old house, in my old room, there was a small closet with a hidden nook. I loved hiding out in the nook & I had a big huge stuffed horse that I used as my pillow.

I love being at my paternal grandparent's farm. Just being in the kitchen brings back tons of memories (shared in Panda's post).

The living room at my parent's house. It's my room.

There is a small creek near abandonded railroad tracks in Missoula. Until recently , it was totally hidden from the rest of the world (now, it's along a bike path). I love to just sit there for hours.

Nell said...

My parents backyard in the summer time (with a good book of course!)

On a beach (any beach as long as its not crowded)

On my couch with either knitting materials or a good book

On a bench in Forest Park near the grand basin.

Lake Dillon (Dillon, CO)

Sweet Cactus said...

My favorite, most peaceful place that made me happy was Cape Rock Park along the Mississippi River in Cape Girardeau, MO. When college got stressful, I would sit on the big boulders and blow bubbles. From the rocks, I could see train tracks and waved at the conductors. I also waved at the barge "drivers" but couldn't ever see if they waved back. I loved that place. I miss you Cape Rock. I hope to find "my happy place" in Arizona soon.