Thursday, December 28, 2006

Scrabble report

To start my new hobby (see post below), I just (1) e-mailed the director of my local Scrabble club to ask for advice, and (2) spent a couple of hours playing a computer Scrabble game. Among the words the computer suggests are my best plays after I play much lamer words:
  • fixt (past tense of "fix")
  • jivey (jazzy; lively)
  • pice (a former coin of India & Pakistan)
  • weel (well)
  • odea (theater or concert hall)
  • vinier (more covered in vines)
  • coelome (coelom-a type of body cavity)
  • umiaqs (umiak-like a kayak)
  • jo (a sweetheart)
  • mazedly (the adverb form of "maze"--to daze, perplex, or stupefy)
  • inarm (to encircle with the arms)
I am mazed. Clearly I have much to learn.

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warm fuzzy said...

this is ridiculous! Next time I play scrabble i'm just going to lay down random squares.