Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bear attack

There was a fatal bear attack in Utah a couple of days ago. A kid was sleeping in his tent when a black bear grabbed him, dragged him away, and mauled him to death. Read more here.

Think there are no bears in your area? Think again. Colorado, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, Oregon, and Pennsylvania all have bears. Here is a range map and collection of population estimates from 1994. In most places, conservation efforts have led to population increases; Missouri, for example, is now estimated to have more than twice as many bears as it did in 1994.


warm fuzzy said...

funnily enough, in college I lobbied for griz reintroduction. Lately, as I've been hiking and planning camping trips, I've started to wonder what I was thinking!

Still, I love me some bears!

arfanser said...

there are much worse ways to go. There's ummm drawn and quartered. Burned at the stake. ummm ok so there arent a lot of worse ways to go.

permathreeseat said...

don't forget forced to drink molten metal or biblical plague. Also both worse than bear attack.

warm fuzzy said...

I think it's important to keep in mind that this is the fist blackbear killing in Utah. Killings by bears are rare.