Monday, January 19, 2009


A couple of days ago, B. and I went to a store to set up a wedding registry. The saleswoman talked to us for about ten minutes about us, our wedding, and what household items we needed, taking notes during the conversation. When we left the store, she handed us a bunch of papers, most of which informed us of our need for several dozen types of obscure dishes and kitchen gadgets we had never heard of. Along with these, presumably by mistake, the saleswoman included the page with the notes she had taken on us:

Couple only has about an hour to spend in the store today. Couple is very artsy. [Panda] is a lawyer and [B.] is a data analyst. Couple does not need luggage. Couple has not registered anywhere else. Couple not needing formal dinnerware. Couple is very artsy.

"Artsy"? "Very artsy"? Artsy enough to mention it twice? We were mystified.


warm fuzzy said...

what makes this even funnier is the fact that you guys have absolutely no "art" or wall hangings of any kind in your apartment. You're so artsy for art.

Froggy said...

Is "artsy" code for "peculiar"? (Not that I'm saying you're peculiar; it just seems like she must have been saying something else. Perhaps "non-traditional taste"? What were you registering for?)

Leo said...

Artsy is code for "doesn't want the crap we're trying to push."