Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I'm "Texas."

The book quiz site that warmfuzzy posted about recently has several other quizzes. In addition to to book quiz, there's the state quiz, the country quiz, the animal quiz, and, very weirdly, the trains and railroad quiz. The state and animal quizzes aren't very good, but I found them interesting enough when the alternative was paying attention in Evidence. Anyway, here are my results:

Country: Texas (yes, for the country quiz) ("You aren't really much of your own person, but everyone around you wishes you'd go away, so you might as well be independent. You're sort of loud-mouthed and abrasive, but you do have a fair amount of power. You like big trucks, big cattle, and big oil rigs. And sometimes you really smell. But it's not all bad, you're big enough to have some soft spots somewhere in all that redneck madness.")

Railroad: The Reading Railroad ("Despite what many people mistakenly think, you actually have no connection to Levar Burton.")

State: Iowa (I've gone back through this quiz several times, but I still haven't figured out how to get to Missouri)

Animal: Flamingo (apparently I'm "absurdly thin," I love shrimp, and pink is my favorite color)


warm fuzzy said...
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warm fuzzy said...

STATE: Montana – Whoo-hoo!
You're rugged in the extreme, it's true, but would rather tackle a bear than a football player. And you just don't know how to grow rice. It's going to be a long winter.

You're just grumpy! You're as liable to snap at someone as look at them, and you're not even above pinching when really annoyed.

TRAINS AND RAILROADS: Bay Area Rapid Transit
With a flair for the liberal and progressive, many think that you're way out in left field. You like to visit as many left fields as you can, as well as airports and universities, though you're not as useful at your job as some might expect.

COUNTRY - United Nations
Most people think you're ineffective, but you are trying to completely save the world from itself, so there's always going to be a long way to go. You're always the one trying to get friends to talk to each other, enemies to talk to each other, anyone who can to just talk instead of beating each other about the head and torso. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, and you get very schizophrenic as a result. But your heart is in the right place, and sometimes also in New York

cdawg said...

You're Mexico!
While some people think you're poor and maybe a little corrupt, you know where it's at, enjoying good food and nice beaches. You like to take things a little slower than those around you, and you really wish the air were cleaner, but sometimes compromises must be made. For some reason, Chevrolet keeps trying to sell you Novas as well, even though they don't really go.

You're a Mosquito!
Few other people have anything nice to say about you, but you feel you're getting a bad rap. It's not your fault that you do bad things to them... it's society's fault! Or nature! Someone other than you must be to blame for your blood-sucking ways. Besides, it's not like you're killing people! You just hurt them a little bit when necessary. And sometimes hurt them a lot, indirectly. Yes, despite your small size, it seems you end up doing a lot of damage. You love stagnant water.

You're the State of Greed!
You were put on earth to make money and by golly, that's what you're going to do. You remain convinced that everything Adam Smith said is literally true and somehow believe that your self-interest will make everyone else happier, too. Even if it doesn't, that's not going to make you lose as much sleep as government regulation might. Though people warn you that your cutthroat business practices and shady kickbacks may catch up with you someday, you rest assured knowing that once you've secured a monopoly, there can be no consequences.

You're the Transcontinental Railroad!
A true uniter and not a divider, you have achieved some great things for those around you. Yet by bringing so many people together, you've had to step on the toes of those even older and wiser than yourself. Still, you're regarded as something of a hero, perhaps even on a national level. Most of what you've done is the result of pure hard labor. Though you have a hard time admitting it, much of your success is also thanks to contributions from China.

Squishy Burrito said...

You're Oklahoma!
After overcoming a terrible tragedy in recent years, you have shown the ability to really shine through adversity. You've renovated your home, picked up the pieces, and built things all over again. Meanwhile, you seem uncannily drawn to the classic board game Twister, though it doesn't always lighten your mood. Despite all the hardships, you're one of those quirky folks who simply breaks out into song at random times in life. Ultimately, you just want people to know that you're O.K.

You're Israel!
Though a victim in the past, you've learned very little from this and have encouraged a cycle of violence in your life and the life of many you know. You're a little paranoid and somewhat schizophrenic, causing you to promote both hatred and hope in cycling intervals. Some of the paranoia is justified, as a lot of people don't like you, but more people are helping you than you'd ever really admit to. At this point, you live on some valuable property and would benefit greatly from just giving peace a chance.

You're a Deer!
Over the years, you've become increasingly paranoid and skittish, as you're convinced that hundreds of people are trying to hunt you down with various guns. In your wild imaginings, some have even used their desire to kill you as their justification for legalizing assault weapons! Though you insist your paranoia is justified, there are some places that you're able to feel safe. Lodges, however, make you nervous. Be extremely careful around headlights.

NELL said...

STATE: You're New York!
Well after the rest of the world had moved on, you were still obsessively discussing September 11th. Even now, it feels like it's September 12th to you. Though stuck in this traumatic rut, still unable to sleep, you've been able to continue to pursue some primary interests, such as using public transportation, scraping the sky, and trading stocks. When you trade baseball cards, you make sure to swindle everyone around you and pretend that the system is fair. You feel like you know Hillary Clinton, even though she's a complete stranger.

COUNTRY: You're Vatican City!
You're pretty sure that you're infallible in all that you do or say, and it's hard to say whether you're right. You have a lot of followers, most of whom will do whatever you say without question, or line up to see you ride around in your spiffy car. Religious and reserved, you have some wisdom, but also a bit much contempt for everyone around you. You're also fabulously wealthy, no matter what you say to the contrary.

ANIMAL: You're a Rabbit!
Sure-footed and exceptional at hearing, you have a great number of physical talents. While you do love carrots, you have an aversion to lettuce that no one seems to really believe. Looney Tunes have been your favorite cartoons for as long as you can remember. Though you'd never admit it, you've always wondered what it would feel like to be thrown into a briar patch. You really like, er, procreating, even more than most people.

TRAIN: You're the 20th Century Limited!
Fast, sleek, and stylish, you are considered to be one of the most important people around. Despite having a flashy exterior and very rich friends, you see your main role in life as relatively routine and even mundane. When you hang out with others, you want to spend the whole day with them and rarely stop along the way. If you were a color of carpet, it would be red.

Anonymous said...

You havent posted in forever again!!!