Monday, November 21, 2005

Thanksgiving Traditions

I love holidays. I love elaborate meals, decorations, getting together with family, and holiday-specific traditions like gift-giving, egg-hunting, and trick-or-treating. I have recently decided that Thanksgiving, at least in my family, is lacking in the "decorations" and "holiday-specific traditions" departments. We do the basics--a big, delicious meal and some football on TV. But as much as I love TV and food, I think we need some special Thanksgiving activity to do every year.

So, I ask for Thanksgiving tradition suggestions. What do you do for Thanksgiving? What do you wish you did? What do you think would be fun? Be as creative as you can. The deadline is Thursday.


warm fuzzy said...

When we were little we would go around the table and eveyone would say one thing for which they were thankful. Kinda hokie, but I think it is a good tradition.

Fishfrog said...

Why don't you broadcast your thankgiving day live to the world via your blog? That would be a good tradition and would increase your number of posts.

Matt said...

The Superelectric household would generally get up a friendly game of soccer back when we were all so much younger and less fragile.

Maybe you could play the "let's draw pictures of the things we love" game with things we're thankful for.

The other craft-y type activity that I could think of are these little construction paper napkin rings made to resemble turkeys. I've posted a pic to my blog to give you an idea.

Squishy Burrito said...

why don't you host 9 people in your apartment for thanksgiving. its the thing to do around here.