Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The fatted calf

I know I don't exactly have the ideal body type for clothes-buying. But not until yesterday did I believe that I was grossly deformed. Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I decided I needed some boots (non-hiking/snow variety) to wear with skirts in winter. I thought this would be simple. Go to the shoe store, pick out a pair of tall black leather boots in a size nine, and move on with my life. It didn't work that way.

After multiple shoe stores and about 20 pairs of boots, I still had not found any boots. Not because I was being picky, but because out of 20 pairs of boots, zero would fit on my body. We're not talking, "hmm, that's a little snug." We're talking, I could not physically move the zipper more than a couple of inches up from my ankle because my calves are so gigantic. I even tried some size eleven boots too see if the calf size would be large enough. No luck. I even tried on boots at a plus-size store that caters to women up to a size 32. No luck. I am a freak!


warm fuzzy said...

you're not a freak, well, not physically anyway.

For knee-high boots, try putting them on your foot, then kind of scrunching down the leg and zipping it. Once it's zipped, pull the leg of the boot up your leg. Of course, this only works for the kind that can scrunch and that have a little bit of stretch.

Mariah Jo said...

I have this same problem, although, it doesn't bother me too much due to the infrequency of my girly boot shopping sprees.