Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Whiny Wednesday

Things that bother me:

1. People who walk around at night in neighborhoods without sidewalks or streetlights, particularly when they wear road-colored clothes. Every day on my drive home I come close to killing many, many people.
2. The word affidavit. I misspell it as "affadavit" 99% of the time.
3. The shape of footballs. You know how virtually every other ball in the world is round? There's a reason for that. Round balls are easy to throw and bounce predictably.
4. Vending machines with weird selections. I'm looking at you, work vending machine that does not have pretzels, regular potato chips, or M&Ms, but does have have multiple types of Fritos.
5. The common practice of that saying "I just do not understand how someone can believe X" as if it's an argument against "X." There are obviously reasons someone believes it--why do you think your proclamation of your own failure to grasp those reasons is an argument?

1 comment:

permathreeseat said...

Going along with people who wear dark colors at night, when those people decide to cross a major street against the light, or even better not near a corner at all, and just after you've crested a hill, so they can have as many ways as possible to try and get you to run them over.