Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Hampshire thoughts

  • What the hell goes through your head when you talk to pollsters, New Hampshirites?
  • Everyone needs to stop being mean. Obama and Edwards, no more ganging up on Clinton, because it's hurting you. Bill and Hillary, no more calling Obama's vision a "fairy tale," because it's pissing me off and making me hate you.
  • McCain's speech (boring, long, read with his head down the whole time) was the worst of the night. He made Huckabee shine by comparison, and he even somehow made Romney seem like an authentic, likable idealist.
  • Clinton is sort of growing on me, but she's no Obama.
  • This is the greatest primary season ever for political junkies. There is no front-runner in either party after Iowa and New Hampshire!


Fishfrog said...

I love Hillary! What the hell is up with all the Obama-loving all over the damn place? Hillary rules!!!

And why does Arfanser think Huckabee is a bigot?

That is all. Goodnight and good luck. So forth and so on. Etc.

Scarlet Panda said...

Arfanser could be referring to Huckabee's repeated comments about Mormons. Huckabee mentioned to a New York Times reporter, "Don't Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?"--a characterization of Mormon doctrine often (and basically exclusively) used by evangelical anti-mormons. He also, when asked whether Mormonism was a religion or a cult, said something like he thought it was a religion but he didn't know much about it. He knows about it--that was a coded way of telling evangelicals he agrees with them that it's a cult without him coming right out and saying so.

Did you see how last night on Colbert, Huckabee reaffirmed his repeated promise to make Stephen Colbert his running mate?

arfanser said...

sorry fish, i have been meaning to answer you but got swamped with work. I think he is a bigot for the reasons that panda said, as well as the ads he was running. the floating cross and the fish ad. combine that with his denial of doing that and he is frankly very scary to me as someone who is a bigot but trying to hide it.