Monday, February 04, 2008


Those of you in Super Tuesday states should go vote tomorrow. Or, if you're lucky, caucus, because caucusing is awesome.

My state's primary isn't until March, so I will be sitting at home and watching punditry all night, flipping between the sane, thoughtful commentary of Mark Shields and David Brooks on PBS and the enthusiastic, incoherent ranting of Chris Matthews on MSNBC.


Fishfrog said...

I think that even I, a fervent supporter of Hill-dog, have finally decided to throw my vote behind Obama. You've got to think about the general election, especially since it looks like McCain might get the Republican nod. I think Hill-dog could beat Mitt, but Hill-dog and McCain are just too similar, and in the places they differ, I think people like McCain more. Obama is strong no matter who the GOP picks.

But I still love Hill-dog.

arfanser said...

here is a kick in the pants. i live in a state that caucused last night. i could not go because i am not a member of either party. closed caucuses suck. luckily obama ran away with my state.